Tika Kyaw

The original text is Abhidhammattha Vibhāvinī, by Sumaṅgala sāmi of Sri Lanka.Tika Kyaw is the text which was translated in Myanmar Langue from Abhidhammattha Vibhāvinī.

It consists of the following chapters:

  • Chapter I - Consciousness (citta)
  • Chapter II - Mental Factors (cetasika)
  • Chapter III – Miscellaneous(pakkinaka)
  • Chapter IV - Thought-Processes (vithi)
  • Chapter V – Planes of existence (vithimut/Bhumi)
  • Chapter VI – Matter (rupa)
  • Chapter VII - Compendium of Ultimate Entities (samuccaya)
  • Chapter VIII - The Compendium Of Relations(paccaya)
  • Chapter IX - Meditation ( Kammathana)

The students who have passed the Abhidhamma exam can study and sit the exam for Tika Kyaw held by Ministry Of Religious Affairs.

DBC starts the Tika Kyaw classes in the third week of March and ends in the end of November. The exam is held by Ministry of Religious Affairs in the third week of December .