The procedures for the Buddha's Teaching (Learning)

  • Opening weekly classes of Abhidhamma, the Master of Abhidhamma and the path to purity through year.
  • Opening weekly classes of Samyutta Nikaya for three months.
  • Opening classes of Five Nikaya Pitaka.
  • Opening short courses for the basic Abhidhamma, Abhidhamma for supporting to practical learning of the Buddha's Teaching, the basic Buddhism, Dhammacakka, the basic Pali.
  • Opening summer courses of skilled and polite for young children and youths.
  • Opening Sunday Dhamma School for children and youths.
  • Publishing class note books and Dhammadipa issue.
  • Distribution the CD or DVD of many famous Sayadaws.



The procedures for the Buddha's Teaching(Meditation)

  • Listening for periodically sermons of the famous monks/Sayadaws to practise pratically.
  • Meditating altogether at Meditation centres.
  • Every sabbath day during the Buddhist lent and excluding the Buddhish lent, practising the Buddha's teaching.

Who Should Attend?


What kind of person who should attend?

  • the persons who want to learn the Basic Abhidhamma
  • the persons who want to know and understand clearly and easily the scriptures written by famous Sayadaw and the sermons.
  • the presons who want to go on practising actions practically based on the Buddha's teaching they have known clearly.
  • the persons who wang to sit for the exams held by Ministry of Religious Affairs and the association of Buddhism

Who Can Attend?


The persons who can attend

  • Every person who is interested in Dhamma and know well the basic Myanmar.